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Resilient Seat Gate Valve, Rising Stem 11A
Resilient Seat Gate Valve 12A
Resilient Seated Gate Valve 11A
Valvula de Compuerta de cierre metálico PN10/16 – 11A
Butterfly Valve 21A
Resilient Seat Gate Valve 13A
Wafer Butterfly Valve 22A
Double Flange Butterfly Valve 23A
Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve 24A
Grooved butterfly valve 25A
Double Flange Butterfly Valve 27A
Ball Check Valve 31A
Swing Check Valve 32A
Metal Swing Check Valve 32A
Dual Plate Check Valve 33A
Axial Check Valve 35A
Rubber Expansion Joints 41A
Compensator 42A
Y Strainers 43A
Steel Dismantling Joints 44A
Triple Function Air Relief 51A
Automatic Control Valve 53A

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