Descrição do produto

Standard construction with body and sleeve in carbon steel with stainless steel sliding side.
Sealing between stainless steel and EPDM joint.
Standard actuator: Two hydraulic cylinders (one on each side).
Other options available like electric actuator.
The valve is controled by and hydraulic power unit and an electrical panel.
Remote and local controls available. Use
Installation in water dam for water discharge control.


Eliminate the cynetic energy of the flow coming from the dam by an expansion process avoding damage in the river. The valve can be designed to work submerged.

Dimensões de fabricação

DN50 a DN2500 (Larger sizes on request).

Pressão de trabalho



• Pressure Equipment Directive:
(PED) ART 4.3 /CAT.1.
• Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive:
(ATEX) CAT.3 ZONA 2 y 22 GD.

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