Valvula de Compuerta de cierre metálico PN10/16 – 11A

Industrial applications Water treatment

Valvula de Compuerta resilient-seated-gate-valves-serie11a

Product description

Valvula de Compuerta Water Supplies

The metal seated gate valve is built in ductile cast iron GGG5O and it is designed to meet the most demanding needs in fields such as fire-fighting services, purification and pumping of wastewater, irrigation, industrial facilities, hydraulic and civil works in general.

General Features

• Minimum head loss.
• Full bore.
• Bidirectional flow.
• RF type DIN PN 10/16 flanges.
• Guided gate to ensure the correct sealing.
• WRAS certificate for drinking water.
• Max. working pressure according to design pressure PN10/16.
• Working temperature between -10ºC and 90ºC.

Standards Applied

• EC Directive.
• Distance between flanges according to EN 558 series 14/15.
• Side flanges according to ISO 7005-2.

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• Metal seat gate valve for pumping, irrigation, drinking water supply, treatment and pumping of dirty water and more.
• It has minimum head loss, and full bore.


DN: 40-600

Working pressures

(bar): 10-16

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